Mountain Bike Hubs


Onyx MTB hubs help you tame the gnarliest trails on the mountain or blaze your own.

Onyx hubs transfer the precise amount of torque you want to the ground when you need it. Nasty climbs on boulders and rock require just the right amount of instantaneous power but only at your command. There is no substitute for absolute control of your machine.

Use your precious energy wisely. Uphill or downhill, Onyx ceramic hybrid bearings get you rolling faster and with less effort. Stay fresh longer and go farther.

Listen carefully. Only the sound of the wind in your face separates you from the mountain. Enjoy the music of nature unfettered by the rancorous clicking of pawls. Onyx’s patented sprag clutch design removes the ratcheting noise of traditional hubs.

Choosing between Classic and Vesper hubs?  The Vesper product line is our lightest cross-country and trail hub.  The Classic product line is designed for heavier activities like electric-assist bikes, bike packing, tandems and bigger riders.