BMX Thru-bolt, 20mm


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Measuring for BMX Thru-axle Length

A= Width of Fork/Frame Dropout B= Width of Hub C= Width of Fork/Frame Dropout

**Measure all lengths with spacers, chain tensioners, adaptors in place*

Add A + B + C to get overall length of axle required.

Thru axles are compatible with forks within +/- 1 mm of listed length.
Spacers included with thru-axles for length reduction.
Order next size up if frame/fork does not fall within parameters.

Due to the growing number of frame and fork manufacturers and changing standards, Onyx Racing Products is not responsible for the proper fitting of thru axles to a given frame or fork model.

A - Hub Center To Flange Center, Non-Drive Side (mm)
B - Hub Center To Flange Center, Drive Side (mm)
C - Axle Width (mm)
Spoke Hole Circle Diameter, Drive Side (mm)
Spoke Hole Circle Diameter, Non-Drive Side (mm)
Spoke Hole Counts Available